Magazine Setup Tutorial

1) Settings > Media (Make sure the “medium size” is set to 250×250. That’s the size of the thumbnail images in the magazine tiles on the home page and category landing pages. Then run “Regenerate Thumbnails” once you’ve changed this and it will update all existing featured images to match the new settings.


2) ClickBump > Blog – Make sure your “Blog” settings match these:


3) ClickBump > Extras > Enable Masonry Script (optional) – If you decide to enable the masonry.js script (to force each magazine tile to fill in empty space), place this code into the “Google Analytics & Footer Scripts” box at the top of the Extras panel:

<script>jQuery(window).on('load', function(){ jQuery('.cb-blog').masonry({itemSelector:'article'});})</script>

Live Support Forum for Magazine:

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